Available courses

Course Image Basic Build A Drone

Basic Build A Drone

Students will learn all about aerodynamics by building their own drone. 

Basic Drone Piloting and Building

An online theory and hands-on practical 6 hours lesson for anyone who is interested to pilot drone safety and build drones. Drones will be provided during the lessons. 

Course Image Drone Cinematic Piloting

Drone Cinematic Piloting

This 8 hours lesson covers learning how to pilot and use drone to achieve cinematic quality video and shots, and some basic on post-processing of videos and photos.

Course Image Advanced Tello EDU Drone Coding

Advanced Tello EDU Drone Coding

Students with knowledge on coding Tello EDU drones and experience in python will learn in-depth knowledge and principles in drone swarming coding and developing computer vision software using Tello EDU drones. This 8 hours lesson does not cover introductory on coding Tello EDU and does not cover python coding.
Course Image Basic Tello EDU Drone Swarming

Basic Tello EDU Drone Swarming

A 8 hours hands-on lesson that covers coding swarms of Tello EDU drones to perform synchronized flights controlled from one control unit. No prior experience in coding Tello drone is required as a short introduction on coding Tello EDU Drones will be provided. Students are to provide their Tello EDU drones and computer. Students are to install all necessary software before the lesson.

Course Image Basic Robomaster S1 and AI with Tello EDU drone

Basic Robomaster S1 and AI with Tello EDU drone

Students learn robotic control and application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in robotic control through interesting hands-on lessons using DJI RoboMaster S1 and drones. At the end of lessons, students can:

  1. Achieve understanding of Robot and Robotic Controls;
  2. Code robots to move and take video autonomously;
  3. Achieve basic understanding of Artificial Intelligence;
  4. Use Artificial Intelligence to code and make RoboMaster seeks and follows drone autonomously.